Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Heat Waves = Belief in Global Warming

A month ago I wrote this: Global Warming Skepticism to Be Over by Christmas?

Now this today, from Bloomberg:

At mid-month, my estimate of UAH's global lower troposphere anomaly is +0.31°C, which would make it the 5th warmest July in their 34 years of records. The trend really stands out:

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TheTracker said...

Unfortunately it has risen before, only to plummet when the first snows strike.

Doubly unfortunately, it's not really the people who don't believe in global warming who are the problem, any more than people who don't believe in nuclear disarmament or peace in the middle east are the problem there. The problem is people who believe in the long-term problem, but don't want to invest their resources in solving it now, or want somebody else to do the heavy lifting.

Look at the Six Americas data. Like 80% of people believe in global warming, 60% (or so) think it's a big problem, and you ask them how many would pay an extra $1.50 a month on their utility bill, and the numbers drop to 22%.

Still, gripes aside, I mostly agree with you: