Saturday, July 28, 2012

Stoat, Caldiera: BEST Results Nothing New

Stoat finds these new BEST results "rubbish" (by which he means the data analysis is nothing new, and the attribution claims not very scientific), calls Muller a "prima donna," and quotes Ken Caldiera via Romm:
"I am glad that Muller et al have taken a look at the data and have come to essentially the same conclusion that nearly everyone else had come to more than a decade ago. The basic scientific results have been established for a long time now, so I do not see the results of Muller et al as being scientifically important. However, their result may be politically important."
The best part is that this study was partially funded by the Koch Brothers. They must have some PR agency working overtime this weekend (though maybe they don't even care enough to bother....)

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William M. Connolley said...

I don't really call the results rubbish (I'm sure the temperature record results are fine, though the attribution stuff looks iffy) - I'm calling Muller rubbish. By which I mean two things: as you correctly note, all this is vastly overblown; and secondly Muller still hasn't learnt anything about climate science. Maybe he has people to do that for him?