Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Voters are the real people, my friend

The electorate speaks back to Romney: "Voters are the real people, my friend."

Paul Krugman: "’s also the election that lets us ask, finally, "Who cares what’s the matter with Kansas?'"
For a long time, right-wingers — and some pundits — have peddled the notion that the “real America”, all that really counted, was the land of non-urban white people, to which both parties must abase themselves. Meanwhile, the actual electorate was getting racially and ethnically diverse, and increasingly tolerant too. The 2008 Obama coalition wasn’t a fluke; it was the country we are becoming....

Notice too that to the extent that social issues played in this election, they played in favor of Democrats. Gods, guns, and gays didn’t swing voters into supporting corporate interests; instead, human dignity for women swung votes the other way.

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Vinny Burgoo said...

Results from Hazzard County (OK, from Perry County, KY).

Romney: 78.5% (McCain got 65.2% in 2008)

Obama: 20.0% (Obama got 33.2% in 2008)

So that's what voter polarization looks like. Things could get nasty.