Monday, April 08, 2013

Delingpole: All Bluster, no Content

I don't have much to say about James Delingpole. He's a kind of clown, which is clear from his Twitter profile:

These four words -- "I'm right about everything" -- are enough to tell you this is a writer getting by on bluster instead of content.

Like Ann Coulter, outrage is really all he has, so he goes with it.

Of course, any decent publisher would have fired him first thing this morning. But who really expects decency from a UK newspaper, after all the phone hacking revelations? Most of them are getting by on bluster rather than content. His publisher is only interested in how many hits he can bring in.

Scumminess is the only way some of them can make a living. Delingpole is no exception. The man couldn't make sense of climate science if his life depended on it.
Someday, probably soon, Delingpole will go the way of John Derbyshire, another conservative writer who relied on bluster, and finally pissed off the wrong person -- forgotten. The science won't be.

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Anonymous said...

Snake oil salesmen exist because they know they'll always have willing customers.