Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Modern-like Spikes Would Have Been Detected

Tamino puts some modern-like spikes into the Marcott data -- three with 0.9°C warming over 100 years -- and found the Marcott methodology easily detected them.

He concludes:
The spikes are a lot smaller than with no age perturbations, which themselves are smaller than the physical signal. But they’re still there. Plain as day. All three of ‘em.

My opinion: the Marcott et al. reconstruction is powerful evidence that the warming we’ve witnessed in the last 100 years is unlike anything that happened in the previous 11,300 years.
and ends with
The idea so terrifies those in denial of global warming, that they have undertaken a concerted effort to “smear” this research. That’s because it clearly implies that modern global warming is unprecedented, and shines a light on the folly of throwing a monkey wrench into the climate machine. And that means we ought to change our ways, which just happen to involve some of the biggest money-making ventures in the history of humankind.


gallopingcamel said...

Uncritically backing Marcott suggests that you BS detector needs an overhaul.

Anonymous said...

Another incisive comment from the camel jockey/sarc