Saturday, April 27, 2013

My Op-Ed in the Salem Statesman Journal

I have an op-ed in yesterday's Salem Statesman-Journal: "Constant info stream creates climate of fear."

Sorry, but I don't know why my picture seems the biggest part of it.


Victor Venema said...

Chronic stress is related to many chronic deceases, including obesity. Thus; I think that the climate of fear is not healthy for any of us.

It is important to be well informed, for yourself and to maintain a democratic society, but such a level of detail is likely not necessary (except maybe in case of legislation, where people do not do this).

And in cases were you cannot change the course of events, it is perfectly acceptable to inform yourself one day or one week later. Except if you are a journalist and would like to publish something about this specific event.

What helps me is to mainly inform myself via radio. It is less emotional, without the pictures, and more focused on facts.

Anonymous said...

get a better picture too.

I know that the picture goes with the article (subject reading about the world in real-time on his computer), but if you just look at the picture, you'd form the impression that the article is just the musings of a semi-crazy semi-retired guy who doesn't shave (and do I want to read that?)