Monday, April 01, 2013

James Hansen: A Unique Role in a Unique Time

From the New York Times, referring to James Hansen's June 1988 testimony to Congress:
Since the day he spoke, not a single month’s temperatures have fallen below the 20th-century average for that month. Half the world’s population is now too young to have lived through the last colder-than-average month, February 1985.
Hansen is retiring on Wednesday. I'm trying to think of a predecent for the position he's occupied and the influence he's had, but nobody comes to mind. He's played a unique role in a unique time.


Vinny Burgoo said...

Um, not a single month's temperature *has* ...

gallopingcamel said...

My respect for NASA would have been enhanced if they had fired Hansen instead of letting him retire gracefully.

Who do you think these astronauts were talking about when they wrote to NASA: