Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Google's Abuses Oregon -- Again

Last year Google had $10.7 billion in profits.

Yet Oregon officials just granted them another package of tax exemptions for a new data center.

What did Oregon get? Just 10 jobs:
The "enterprise zone" deal, first outlined last week, exempts the new building and the equipment inside from property taxes. That would save Google tens of millions of dollars, and potentially hundreds of millions of dollars, over the 15-year life of the deal.

In exchange, Google pledged to invest at least $200 million in the new data center and add at least 10 more jobs to a work force that already numbers around 150. The actual totals are likely to be somewhat higher, given the size and staffing needs of Google's current facilities. The company has spent at least $700 million in The Dalles since 2006.
But hey, if it's good for Google's bottom line, just shut up and bend over.

Billionaires get all the breaks.

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