Tuesday, September 17, 2013

"Scientists are a Skeptical Bunch"

John Abraham writes, in The Guardian, a quick but real truth:
"Scientists are a skeptical bunch. We never accept claims without evidence and we spend large parts of our careers trying to show that other scientist's claims are wrong. This self scrutiny is one of our best traits, and it is a major reason why science advances over time."
Anyone who has ever seriously studied science, and/or has seriously known a scientist, knows this is true.

Yet somehow many people, especially in America, believe the exact opposite.

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Oale said...

Yea, I guess being a scientist, one needs to have a bit of a masochistic mindset. This is sometimes though counterbalanced by the personal discoveries in science and methods, who nobody has seen fit to teach or tell you (maybe the more experienced researchers are insecure themselves). Once you get a degree the learning curve is steep I guess.