Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Arctic Sea Ice at Record Low

I don't usually like bringing up this kind of picayune chickenshit detail, but since so many deniers do, perhaps it's worth pointing out: as of today, Arctic sea ice extent is at a record low for this day of the year, as measured by JAXA; a full 425,000 km2 below last year's value:

 The Arctic has been incredibly warm lately (take it away, Cowtan & Way):

But move along -- it's surely just an upward blip in a globally cooling world, don't cha know?


William M. Connolley said...

I think you should update your ranking plot :-)

I've been watching this over the last few weeks, and noting that this year had declined from "not very interesting" to "edging towards the edge" so I thnk its good you've noted its fallen onto the edge, thanks.

Unknown said...

And another all-time low Arctic sea ice extent for the day reported by JAXA, 14,015,926 km2 (March 9, 2014) , beating previous low set in 2011.