Tuesday, February 25, 2014

NEW: Western UK's Winter of Weather Discontent Featured in Yale Forum Video

Western U.K.'s Winter of Weather Discontent Featured in New Video (Feb 25 2014)

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Western U.K.'s Winter of Weather Discontent Featured in New Video (Peter Sinclair video) New video produced for The Yale Forum points to historic storms ripping through much of southwestern coast of United Kingdom virtually since the start of 2014 and suggests slim odds they occurred naturally. [Watch the video]


Strange Bedfellows ... and Fear of Broad Impacts of Mann/UVa Court Ruling (John Wihbey)

Six Climate Freelancers Seeking Support Base of 800 Subscribers (Bud Ward)

Thoughts on Abrupt Climate Change, As In 30 Years, not 100 (Peter Sinclair Video)

Reviewing Impacts of Historic Drought Facing California and the West (Bruce Lieberman)

Thinking Appropriately About Climate Change (Paul C. Stern)

Key Facts, Issues and Next Steps on Keystone XL Pipeline (John Wihbey)

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