Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Imminent CAGW is "an attempt to play a trump card..."

Imagine how effectively the world might collaborate if we discovered a massive asteroid inbound for a 2050 impact. But, this is not what we face. The claim that climate change threatens an imminent catastrophe is an attempt to play a trump car of (seemingly) objective science in order to avoid debate about the trade-offs at the heart of climate policy and about the role that values play in driving each of our personal judgements of the moral weight we accord to competing interests. But climate change is one of many problems, so there is no substitute for realistic assessment of our risks and open debate about the trade-offs between them, for we cannot avoid all risk or solve all problems.

-- David Keith, A Case for Climate Engineering

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Unknown said...

Right... Let's just debate about it some more, useless attempting to postpone what we already KNOW will happen.

Nothing like sacrificing the future for the present (laziness and ignorance).

Fucking fools.