Thursday, August 07, 2014

On Living in an Anti-Vax State

I sent Oregon's high vaccination exemption rate to my sister, and she sent me this:
Yes, I knew that about Oregon.  All these hippy, dippy organic, paranoid parents.  One time when [her son] was a wee infant, we were exposed to someone with whooping cough in our mom/baby yoga class and it was about a week before I was to fly to Albuquerque.  I rec'd a call from the health dept and it was a big deal.  He had been vaccinated, so he was OK, but I had to see the doctor since he had still only gotten one shot and it was a little frightening because he could have gotten really sick.  All due to a mother not vaccinating her child.  People see this as a personal decision but it's such a societal problem, particularly for infants and the elderly.  Measles rates are climbing at a rapid rate and these folks still believe that vaccinations are bad.  Makes me crazy.

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