Wednesday, October 15, 2014

2014 Non-El Niño Year Much Warmer Than 1997 Monster-El Niño Year

This year -- with no El Niño (so far) -- is noticeably warmer than the big El Niño year of 1997, with global temperatures and sea-surface temperatures at record highs. It's almost like the planet has warmed up since then.

Red is 1997-98. Blue is 2014. Nino3.4 anomalies on left-hand axis; GISS anomalies on the right.


Tony Lee said...

GISS doesn't count. Unless 2014 HadCRUT beats 1998 HadCRUT, the deniers will still have their talking point. That's how it works.

Jon said...

2005 and 2010 HADCRUT beating 1998 HADCRUT hasn't stopped them talking so I doubt 2014 HADCRUT beating it will. OTOH, if and when RSS fixes the cold bias Roy Spencer seems convinced they have, it'll be interesting to see how they react.