Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Irony of Bob Tisdale

1) Cites my work in an open letter to Jon Stewart*, and in an open letter to Lewis Black and George Clooney**, and then again in one to Pope Francis***.

2) Blocks me on his blog.

(*) Yes, that Jon Stewart.
(**) Yes, that Lewis Black, and yes, that George Clooney.
(***) Just kidding about the Pope****.
(****) For now.


WHT said...

What kind of mission is Tisdale on? I have also incurred the wrath of Tizzy for suggesting that he has contributed more junk to our understanding of the warming of the oceans than the entirety of the Pacific gyre garbage patch.

David Appell said...

Did you see Tisdale's "explanation" for record SSTs? "Strong trade winds and persistent high sea level pressures over eastern Siberia and Alaska."

I think Tisdale's mission, and that of WUWT, is to be sure to have a non-AGW rejoinder to every piece and news of climate science that gets attention. Few of their readers understand what they're writing anyway, and Tisdale especially throws up a huge number of graphs that it's nearly impossible to read them all, and then he doesn't allow any replies that criticize his post.

I wouldn't be surprised if that their explicit instructions from places like the Heartland Institute -- be sure to have a counterargument we can all link to, whether it's scientifically right or now.

David Appell said...

In other words, they're constructing an alternate reality that looks scientific, but really isn't.

WHT said...

Yes, the problem is with the graph-making machine that is "Bob Tisdale". One can no longer Google something like PDO or ENSO w/o running into his useless charts.