Monday, October 27, 2014

Ebola No Longer Growing Exponentially

Though the Ebola virus is still devastating Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone, from a global view it's actually starting to look like the efforts to control it are working -- neither cases or deaths are rising exponentially any more, and perhaps not linearly either:

Except people have thought this before. 99.7% of these cases are (or have been) in Liberia, Guinea and Sierre Leone.

Now, sadly, the very few cases in the U.S. are the overwhelming focus of the media, at the expense of West Africa. I can't look at pictures like this and not think that the human project is a complete failure:

with responses like this the icing on the cake.

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Paul S said...

The Liberian people were so dense-headed that their government had to engage in public ebola campaigns in an effort to help wake them up to the serious threat that they were faced with.

Many Liberians scoffed at such warnings (as I have documented on this blog) and the problem only got worse. They looked to their medicine men and voodoo remedies to protect them, all to no avail.

Sounds eerily familiar in an ironic sense. Not sure why he isn't congratulating them on standing up to alarmist propaganda?