Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Effective National Populations, Carbon-wise

Here are the effective national populations of the 10 largest CO2 emitters, in terms of their 2012 carbon footprint (fossil fuel CO2 only):

CO2 is the last year for which there is good data. Data via WRI CAIT.

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JDBishop5 said...

My wife and I had the wonderful experience of teaching at a Chinese University for 7.5 years beginning in 2002. During that entire period, I lectured on the increasing evidence of CO2 pollution of the atmosphere and its impact. Students and staff were gratified to know that, on a per capita basis, China was and remains far cleaner than the U.S. Given the outrageous misrepresentations of the western news media on the subject, ('IT'S NEW YELLOW PERIL!!!!' RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY!') it was easy to earn points as a fair-minded American by lingering over the elusive truth.