Saturday, May 11, 2019

The Mail I Get

No need to name the sender. I'm glad he wrote.

All I can say is that Einstein's special theory of relativity is supported by an enormous array of evidence, and special relativity's consequences are used every day in laboratories around the world. Special relativity (and general relativity as well) have never made a wrong prediction.

If special relativity wasn't true, accelerators like CERN and Fermilab would have been blown to smithereens immediately after they were turned on.

Time dilation, a logical consequence of Einstein's postulates, also has supporting evidence, including atmospheric muon decay that is taught to every undergraduate physics major.


ScruffyDan said...

Don't forget about GPS. Time dilation ne clocks on the satellites most be accounted for if you want to get directions to the store.

Marco said...

Funny, I went to react here to point out what turns out to be the same thing as ScruffyDan already commented on: without Einstein's theory, GPS would not work.

Let me guess, David: it's an engineer.

Layzej said...

Can you post the "previous email" (s)he references?

David Appell said...

The "previous letter" was an email to a popular physicist, which this author attached. The time dilation part read,
"You/editors/journalists should write an article about Einstein's time dilation fallacy, the following explanation proves that those gravitational wave discoveries cannot be real and it proves that physicists/etc are lost in science fiction (for more than 100 years) and that is Einstein's fault.

"Einstein's time dilation fallacy;
Time dilation is based on the rate of clocks, Einstein claimed that time itself dilates when a clock runs faster or slower than another clock in a certain situation but that conclusion is a fallacy. A clock doesn't produce time, it only registers amounts of time in the form of seconds and a second doesn't say anything about what time is. So if there is a dilation in the registration rate then it can only be second dilation, so when a clock runs faster or slower than another clock in a certain situation then its clock mechanism requires less or more time to form a second. A clock will form shorter or longer seconds (unnoticed), and that creates the ILLUSION of time dilation when you compare that clock to another clock. The hands of a clock or a display of a clock cannot work without a clock mechanism, so that clock mechanism is ALWAYS the reason why a clock runs faster or slower. Time dilation is based on a difference between the rate of clocks, but we don't see "real time" when we look at a clock. What we see is the registration of amounts of time (seconds), if we would see "real time" when we look at a clock then time would stop when we remove the battery from that clock. So a gps system doesn't correct 38 microseconds per 24 hours in time, it corrects 38 microseconds per 24 hours in second length.

"That time dilation fallacy can also be seen in this time dilation experiment;

"Please read the entire e-mail, it's important for physics education/research. It's also important for humanity, because physicists/etc who are blinded by science fiction nonsense cannot help humanity.

"That is the famous Hafele Keating experiment and its conclusion is based on a difference in the rate of clocks, so physicists talk about the rate of clocks but they claim that it's "time" dilation because they look at the difference in the total amount of seconds. So they think/conclude that it's a difference in the total amount of time that has past, but the correct conclusion should be that it's a difference in the total amount of seconds that have been registered. So it's not time dilation, it's second dilation and that is a difference in the speed in which a second is formed by clocks. So time itself doesn't dilate, and that means that spacetime, a gravitational wave, etc don't exist, and it means that most theories in modern theoretical physics describe science fiction.

"So gravity or a speed doesn't affect time itself, it only affects that clock mechanism and that means that spacetime doesn't exist. So they received a Nobel Prize for gravitational waves that cannot exist, because a gravitational wave can only exist in spacetime. So the many calculations/experiments/observations/predictions are or might be correct, but the conclusions cannot be correct if those calculations/experiments/observations/predictions were based on time dilation, (curved) spacetime, etc. More than 100 years of science fiction education/research, that is devastating to humanity."

-- continued in next comment --

David Appell said...

-- continued from previous comment --

"Can special relativity be correct without time dilation?, the answer is NO. And general relativity is based on curved spacetime and spacetime results from time dilation, so it cannot be correct as well (it's partially incorrect) and that is why it cannot be unified with quantum mechanics. Einstein's time dilatation fallacy is devastating to most theories in modern theoretical physics, theories that are intertwined with the non-existent spacetime or non-existent time dilation are incorrect as well. So theories like Einstein's theory of gravity, special and general relativity, gravitational waves, massive black holes, dark matter, string theory, holographic principle, M-theory, E=mc2, Lorentz transformations, Lorentz length contraction, etc etc etc are incorrect, most theories in modern theoretical physics describe science fiction and a lot of education/research is based on those theories. So Einstein's incorrect theory of gravity is the reason why they cannot unify general relativity with quantum mechanics, you cannot unify science fiction with reality.

"I hope that you/editors/journalists will write an article about Einstein's time dilation fallacy, because LIGO/VIRGO/physicists/etc need to admit that a gravitional wave cannot exist and ALL physicists/etc need to admit that they are lost in science fiction. Ask LIGO/VIRGO/physicists/etc if they can refute that explanation about Einstein's time dilation fallacy, you will see that they cannot do it and that is why they all ignore me.

"I hope that you realize how important this is, physicists/etc are wasting time and money on science fiction nonsense and that is devastating to our and future generations."

Layzej said...

He does acknowledge that the model is consistent with observations and has predictive value:

the many calculations/experiments/observations/predictions are or might be correct

At that point, even if there is a distinction between 'time' and 'second length', can it matter?

David Appell said...

When I was in graduate school, before the Internet was (except in the last year) around, professors at my university used to get letters -- physical letters! -- saying that special relativity was all wrong. And more. They would open them and leave them on a table in the mailroom for anyone who cared to read them. As graduate students we did read a few, and they sounded exactly like the letter writer I quoted here. I mean, *exactly*.

It never changes. Anymore what I'm more interested in his how this guy, or any climate denier like Ed Berry, is so egotistical as to think he know more than the entire body of professional scientists the world over. How does a person get to such a state??