Wednesday, December 18, 2019


Oh yeah, and Australia had its warmest day on record -- a national average of 40.9°C. Beat the old record by 0.6°C, which was set in 2013.

For nonmetricians, that's 105.6°F and an old record of 104.5°F.

Forecasters say it may be broken today or tomorrow.

"Extreme heat is the number one weather-related killer in Australia."

+drought +wildfires. Good think global warming is a hoax.


Steve said...

As an Australian (Melbourne, Victoria) I am horrified by what is happening here. A group of more than 20 retired fire chiefs has tried to talk to our Prime Minister about the fact that Climate Change (CC) is making our wildfires more dangerous. He refused to talk to them. Instead, he went off on holiday in Hawaii, during this national crisis!
The state of New South Wales has had 2.9 million hectares (7.1 million acres) burnt and this is still early in our summer.
At the same time that eastern Australia is ablaze with CC intensified fires, Australias's delegation at the Madrid Conference (COP 25) worked with a small number of countries to wreck the Madrid conference. The Australian Government is making this country an international pariah.
I expect that you would not be surprised that Rupert Murdock's premier newspaper in this country (The Australian) launched a vicious personal attack on the leader of the fire chiefs that I mentioned above.

David Appell said...

Steve, thanks for the local view....

Steve said...

Time to update your post, David. The next day, Wednesday, set a new record, a full degree C warmer.
From the Bureau of Meteorology:
"Based on preliminary analysis, yesterday, Australia recorded its hottest day on record. The nationally-averaged maximum daytime temp was 41.9 °C exceeding the record set on Tuesday, 40.9 ºC."

Tomorrow could be even hotter. I live in the South East and today was a cool 25 C (77 F). Tomorrow my region will join the rest of the country with forecast temperatures 44 C (111 F).

Ned said...

I can't wrap my head around the idea of a country as vast as Australia having an average temperature that high. Individual stations, sure. But nationwide average? Wow.