Monday, December 16, 2019

November Temperatures

November surface temperatures are in. NOAA, GISS and JMA all found November 2019 to be the 2nd warmest in their records, after the big El Nino season in 2015.

2019 will be the 2nd warmest year in the records. The last five years have been the last five warmest years.

Of note: the GISS land-only temperature anomaly for November is +1.78°C relative to 1880-1909 (= +3.20°F). It smashed the old November record by a whopping 0.18°C.


climate data analysis said...

I updated some of the temperature/CO2 graphs at my infrequently updated site:

Lower troposphere temperatures - warming faster than the surface


Revisiting Manabe & Wetherald 1967 (again) ... a reply to Willis Eschenbach

David Appell said...

Thanks for that.

Thomas said...

Seems that temperature/CO2 graph shows transient climate sensitivity, which is a bit lower than the usual equilibrium climate sensitivity.

climate data analysis said...

Yes ... and no. Another issue is that it ascribes all temperature change to CO2, when other forcings (both positive and negative) are also involved. It doesn't meet the technical definition of TCR. So I refer to it as a transient-ish climate sensitivity.

DR4RX said...

'...since records have been kept...'

has anyone considered that the period since which records have been kept, is ridiculously short?

A geologist.

David Appell said...

Geologist: How is 125 years "ridiculously short" in the context of climate science?
(Not rocks -- climate science.)

How long do you think it takes climate to change, anyway?