Tuesday, April 20, 2021

About Maxine Waters

Note: McCarthy voted against Trump's impeachment.


David in Cal said...

The Chauvin trial judge acknowledged that Waters's comments may give Chauvin grounds for an appeal.

The President's more recent comments hopefully may not justify an appeal, because (I think) the jury was already sequestered. I actually agree with Mr. Biden that the case is overwhelming, but he shouldn't have said that publicly before the trial ended.


David in Cal said...

Off topic -

David - Here's a tragic case in Oakland, where the arsonists were murderers

Aliyah would have turned 2 next month. She was just beginning to walk and talk.

Her father, Esam Nagi Moslah, 37, tried to save her from an arson fire that tore through their East Oakland home over the weekend and jolted neighbors awake.

Father and daughter both died, and Oakland police say their deaths are homicides - and part of a apparent gang-related crime spree that includes a shooting death and arson at the liquor store where Moslah worked to support his family.


Not only are two deaths homicides from a legal POV, they are homicides from a moral POV IMO.


Layzej said...

"The Chauvin trial judge acknowledged that Waters's comments may give Chauvin grounds for an appeal."

but also you believe they literally make her a terrorist so, there's that too.

David Appell said...

Trump, Jan 6th:

"if you don't fight like hell you're not going to have a country anymore."

Layzej said...

DiC on Trump's "Fight like hell" statement: "David - the words you quoted do not call for violence nor for insurrection. In fact, I believe you could find comparably strong words from many politicians on all sides."

But Maxine Waters is literally "a terrorist"!