Friday, April 02, 2021

First Vax Dose

Yesterday I received my first shot of Pfizer's COVID vaccine.

I have to say, the system here in my county, Marion in Oregon, was the most smooth, efficient and impressive I could conceive of. I was scheduled in a large, cavernous building at the county fairgrounds here, 10 minutes from my home, plenty of parking, lots of people but no waiting at all. I walked up, they took my temperature and asked the regular questions. I was quickly moved to someone who checked me in (I had done all the e-check in online, so it went very smooth), I went to one of about 10 socially distanced lines, and maybe 8-10 minutes later I moved up to a very pleasant women from the National Guard, whose regular job was in surgery at a local hospital here and who had been on duty since January, I got the jab from her, then waited in the designated waiting area for 15 minutes, then left. 

It was all so organized and smooth I was completely impressed. I literally could not have asked for better, and thank god the free market wasn't in any way involved to sell my data or profit off me or insist I sign up for this or that. I want to thank my state government, the Oregon Health Authority, the Oregon National Guard, and any employees of Salem Health and any volunteers involved in this collective effort that led to a utterly flawless experience. I am so happy I was able to receive this vaccine now. My second shot is on the 22nd. 

I don't want to ever hear a thing another goddamn thing about government not being able to do anything competently. This has not been my experience at all, especially in Oregon, where I always get a ballot in the mail on time, where I have always gone to the DMV (Dept Motor Vehicles) and had a pleasant experience, where I have had state-assisted health care assistance when I have needed it, and where I don't know what the hell people are complaining about.

My only reactions to my first dose were a small headache for about an hour, a brief sweating episode, and a weird skin marking last night that's now mostly gone:

I'm happy Donald Trump paid for this vaccine (like what president wouldn't, duh), and thrilled that Joe Biden got the ball rolling with, now, about 3 M doses per day. Thank god Biden won -- he is saving thousands of lives daily, while Trump's incompetence and utter lack of empathy was killing thousands of lives daily. Thanks too to Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, whose banning of Trump from Twitter's platform did as much to preserve American democracy as, perhaps, American voters themselves. Dorsey deserves many awards. Trump has been emasculated, castrated, and fed his own genitals. He is nothing now but a terrible memory, forever destined to be the most atrocious president in American history, so bad he almost doesn't fit into consideration with the rest of them, but stands out as a rigid anomaly, a rotten cancer in a long family of people who meant and tried their best. I think Trump has already been quarantined in American history, caged off as a sick anomaly, exactly the opposite of everything he ever hoped to be. Of course he will not be coming back in 2024 -- Trump fades more into a forgotten pit of hell every day, despite his desperate attempts to stay relevant -- a flag the other day he will form a social network, a Web site statement a couple of days ago. All ignored by everyone but newshounds, and ignored quickly even by them. Everyone is glad he is swimming in piss and will not be upset if he drowns there, along with his repulsive kids.

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