Sunday, April 25, 2021

Astonishing India COVID Trend

From yesterday's the NY Times, who write that India is now seeing about half of all new global cases, and deaths there are being undercounted and may be 2 to 5 times what is being reported.


Entropic man said...


What changed in early February?

David Appell said...

The weather?

David Appell said...

Warmer weather, maybe?

Entropic man said...

I've been reading around a bit and it seems that they did it go themselves.

The country had a successful lockdown in place, which dropped cases to a low level in January.

They then decided it was all over and relaxed too much too soon.

In February they made 3 mistakes. They eased their lockdown; they allowed a number of crowded religious festivals. They had an election and allowed a number of mass rallies.

Couple the emergence of infectious new strain in India with ideal spreading conditions and you have a new wave.

The oxygen crisis is because the government encouraged oxygen plants to convert from industrial to medical oxygen production last year, and then let them convert back after cases dropped.

David Appell said...

Thanks for that EM. Mass rallies for an election. From what I've read Modi's getting lots of blame

"India's Modi scorned over reckless rallies, religious gathering amid virus mayhem,"

Layzej said...

Maybe it is starting to peak. I hope so. I have a colleague whose whole family is sick right now. Really not good.