Thursday, March 24, 2022

COVID Case Numbers No Longer Declining

Worrisome--weekly COVID case numbers have stopped falling in both the US and Canada, but that trend has reversed in the EU:


Layzej said...

Here's the Denmark cases since they removed all restrictions.

I think we should anticipate further waves for the next few years regardless of how tightly we lock down. It's currently out of control in China in spite of full lockdown in many cities.

David Appell said...


I've added the Netherlands and Switzerland (and made the graph relative to population) and it looks like they're already past their recent peak and are in decline again. Good news.


Good news.

pete said...

The scale is extremely sensitive, especially for small case numbers.

I guess that the numbers depend on how many tests are taken, a number which has varied wildly during omicron. I haven’t seen any numbers normalized by number of tests.

Layzej said...

We're headed into another wave in Ontario. My hope is that the government will provide guidance and tools rather than restrictions as a measure to manage the coming wave.

David Appell said...

What tools would you like to see more of?

Layzej said...

They're offering free tests at the grocery stores. I think that's a key tool to keep available.

They lifted the mask mandates a week or two ago, but they should advise vulnerable populations to wear N95 even though they are not mandatory.