Tuesday, March 01, 2022

Great Interview of a Russia Expert

I found this to be a very interesting and informative article in Politico interviewing Fiona Hill, a Russia expert who has studied Putin for decades. Among other things she says we're already in World War 3, and that Putin might well use nuclear weapons to get what he wants. Frightening. 

I recommend it, FWIW. 


Thomas said...

There are lots of responses to this Eurocentric view that as soon as it's a war in Europe it's something unique, WW III, while similar events in the rest of the world doesn't have at all the same significance, but what's the point? In the current mood comments like that are just dismissed as "whataboutism".

I'm also old enough to remember when it was Western nuclear weapons that were pointed at Ukraine, which makes it even more odd. At that time no one talked about Ukraine as part of Europe.


Layzej said...

She seems to know what she is talking about. I hope she is wrong.