Saturday, March 28, 2009


I try to write to "skeptical" climateers about their work, just to make sure I cover all bases and don't fall into a rut. But I try to ask good and pointed questions. Anyway, on one reply I got from someone he Bcc'ed a whole group of skeptics -- people I've never heard of, an assorted group of meteorologists and amateurs around the world. And they, of course, can't resist writing back.

I have to say, almost without fail these people are some of the most sour and impolite people I have come across. They have no hesitation in calling me all kinds of names from the beginning, and "naive" and "deluded" are just the start of it. I'm stupid and a fool and can't think for myself and all of that.

It's really off-putting and speaks very badly for their case, I think. I never, ever get that from more legitimate scientists. It's like these people just can't help insulting you because they seem to have no other case. I don't even know if they understand how much their impolite posture harms their potential case.

There's no reason people can't disagree without personally disagreeable. If you can't refrain from personal digs and insults, please do not write me.

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Dano said...

David, their worldview has been refuted, and if their self-identity is tied to their worldview, then their identity has been rendered invalid. You'd be sour too.

The sooner folk wake up and realize this, the sooner we can move on.

Oh, wait: most of us have moved on past valuing these peoples' views. Never mind.