Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Breaking Bad

The best show you're probably not watching (and, look, I'm not watching any of them either, as I haven't even had a TV for almost two years, but that doesn't matter anymore, given sites like SurfChannel.com) is Breaking Bad, about a too-smart-for-his-own-good high-school chemistry teacher in Albuquerque. It appeals to me because (1) it's very well written (better than Weeds), and (2) it's set in Albuquerque, where I went to college and where a couple of my parents still live.

Walter White's house looks pretty much exactly like my mother's house, which is a bit weird.

Anyway, this series keeps getting better and better, as evidenced by its recent inclusion of Bob Odenkirk. Odenkirk is the Bill Murray of the new millenium, times two, divided by i times the square root of pi. In other words, he's not even on the same plane as the rest of us, which just adds to his appeal. He probably makes a nice mid-to-(barely) mid-upper class living in Hollywood, though if there was any justice he'd now be living in Jack Nicholson's pad, dating skinny bitches like Lara Flynn Boyle, telling 5 out of 6 directors to go to hell.

Man, the world needs more Odenkirks.

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