Friday, April 17, 2009

Cheezeburger Shit

I'm not exactly sure why, but something about this picture that appears in this afternoon's NY Times seems to perfectly illustrate...everything that is wrong with our world.

It's just...everything, from this guy's oh-so-fashionable glasses, to his button-down, no-risk shirt, to the juvenile stuffed cat perched on his supposedly mature shoulder, to the fact that he didn't create any of this (only somewhat funny to begin with) Cheezeburger stuff, but just bought it to make money, and the fact that he'll probably make a snarky million dollars off of it while so much real and good and important literature sinks to the bottom of the resale bins.

Sometimes there just seems no hope.

1 comment:

GZ said...

I don't think he'll make much money (I can't see it), and there has always been crass cultural expression, this is hardly something new.

There's some hope.