Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pirates and Snipers

I am not exactly a pacifist, but not really pro-military either. We -- the US and the world -- spend far too much on instruments of death and not the mechanisms of peace. But if I am ever captured by pirates, or by anyone, I hope there will be a few Navy snipers nearby, clinging somewhere to a ship's fantail, peering through their night vision scopes and confident of their expertise to take out my captors with a single shot, on rough seas with every one of us bobbing up and down in the dark. That's a little comfort in a very cold world.

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Dano said...

No f'n sh--. I can shoot with a great deal of proficiency, but can't even imagine in my wildest dreams coming anywhere close to this. Military BS aside, this is the highest level of skill that must be recognized and admired.