Friday, March 29, 2013

Spencer/Schmidt Not-a-Debate on John Stossel's Show

If you're looking for it, here is video of the Gavin Schmidt/Roy Spencer debate/not-a-debate on John Stossel's show.

Stossel really exploited Gavin's desire not to make it a debate.

Stossel's biases are crystal clear. With a treatment like that, you easily can see why no scientists want any part of such a circus.


Les Johnson said...

The % of OECD populations that believe that AGW is a problem is less than 40%, and falling.

If there is no debate, there will be no increase in political support, and there will be no political action.

Les Johnson said...

Having watchged the video, it appears that Gavin comes off as petulant, and unwilling (fearful?) to debate legitimate scientists.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it was Gavin's intention to present himself as a pompous ass but in the end Stossel made him look like one.

Anonymous said...

Stossel did not make Gavin look like a pompous ass, Gavin did a fine job of that all by himself.