Sunday, October 20, 2013

Joe Bastardi, a Bad Penny

Like a bad penny, Joe Bastardi keeps turning up, begging for attention.

This time it's on Judith Curry's blog, where Bastardi is reduced to ridiculing others because they aren't...wait for forecasters!

(He also comes across as rather intimidated by PhDs, by, of course, claiming he's not intimidated by PhDs.)

Bastardi runs around on Twitter nipping at the heels of (especially) Michael Mann, complaning others won't debate him. With elementary mistakes like this, and failed predictions like these, can you really blame them for not wanting to waste their time?

If Bastardi wants to be begin to be taken seriously, perhaps he should first focus on being published somewhere other than on Fox News (whose reputation just took another brutal body blow this past week). Or at least getting over his utterly wrong notion that, because CO2 is a "trace gas" -- which he repeats on Curry's blog -- it can't do much of anything to the climate. That doesn't even rise to the level of "amateurish."

Seriously though, how dispiriting is it that someone like this is taken seriously by our media -- any media?

Added: Here is some of Joe's work:

With more patience than I can muster, Skeptical Science dissects Joe's bad physics here.


Freedom Fan said...

Bastardi is a genius compared to AlGore and Mikey Mann.

David Appell said...

The evidence shows he clearly is not.