Friday, November 14, 2014

GISS Gallop

NASA GISS's global temperature anomaly last month was the highest October in their records, and the 7th-warmest month ever, tied with last month.

That's the third month in a row it's set a record, for that month. (Since they're anomalies, any month can be compared to any other month, regardless of whether it has the same name, but comparing them by month is (1) fun, (2) a reminder that it's still warming.)

Here's how 2014 compares to the commodious capacious big 1997-98 El Nino. The Nino3.4 index is finally increasing, but still way behind the Big One. Yet the surface temperatures for the year-so-far are much higher, an average of 0.24 C higher. (So since it's 17 years later, a crude estimate of the trend from then to now would be 0.24°C/17 years = +0.14°C/decade.)

Here's the warming from any given year to today. The total warming according to GISS is now +0.88°C, which rounds to 0.9°C, instead of the "0.8°C" you usually see quoted. Update your vocabulary.

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