Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Third Quarter Ocean Warming is 200% above Trendline

The ocean heat content numbers are in for the third quarter -- and they again show big increases.

For the 0-700 meter region, the change from a year ago is 0.59 W/m2 (the area being the total Earth's surface).

That's over twice as large as its trend over the last 15 years, which is 0.28 W/m2.

For the 0-2000 m region, the change from a year ago is 1.73 W/m2, whereas its trend since its data started in 2005 is 0.58 W/m2.

The top half of the ocean gained 200% more heat than it has on average.

For the top 2000 meters, a quadratic fit is again better than a linear fit, with the acceleration being 0.07 W/m2 per year.

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