Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Just down the street from my hotel in San Francisco:

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John said...

Happy High Holidays of Redemptive Consumption!!!

Species makes things.

Species realizes it can make things.

Species is really impressed by some of the things it can make.

Species insists it should make anything of which
it may conceive.

Species makes things that make lots of other things, in great quantities, and in a very short time.

Species makes into a virtual religion its obsession with making more tomorrow that it did today.

Species assumes making more, different things will alleviate the growing problems (some claim) caused by the making and use of previous things.

Species incessantly and obnoxiously celebrates its cleverness and drive in the practice of its religion.

Species viciously persecutes those lacking, or finding fault with, its faith. (It makes gruesome sport of ideologically and practically strangling whole, faithless societies then mocking them for being "unable to breath.")

Species misses point, if there is one, of its own existence, allowing its love of accumulation of the things it makes, to destroy the awe, appreciation & love of, and desire to protect, the system that made the species itself possible.

Species wipes itself out pursuing its sacred worship, never realizing (by definition) - or was it proudly & aggressively ignoring - its suicidal imbalance of cleverness to wisdom.

Inspired by Lamborghinis (but mostly Ferraris) and "Too Smart for Our Own Good" by Craig Dilworth. Don't forget "The Book" by Alan Watts that defines "ego" as the construct of mind that permits us to act in the world with the "sincere" belief that we can do so without affecting the world.

John Puma
(Did you know that a Ferrari has a distributor roughly the size of a classic Fiat 500?)