Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Watts and Appell Intersect

I don't have a lot of time to blog this week, but this is worth reading:



Victor Venema said...

Very funny that while Watts was treated friendly by the scientific community, the WUWT comments pretend as if they are the friendly party.

Below one of these comments, I wanted to write the comment below, but it was snipped within a minute.

[snip -if you have a point make it, just throwing out a bunch of links to form a guilt by association isn’t going to cut it here -mod]

The cognitive dissonance was apparently too strong.

@wattsupwiththat: That last line is basically academic speak for “Lewandowsky, you’re full of shit” I make no apology for saying that

InsideClimate News spoke to nearly a dozen climate scientists and communicators about the harassment they face. For them, death threats, sexist remarks, claims of fraud, bomb threats, letters laced with powdery substances, references to rape and Nazis have become almost standard. According to emails shared with ICN, messages range from derisive ("I hope your mental illness gets better") to downright threatening (“YOU ARE GOING TO HANG SOON!”).

These are people who support the UN’s plan to implement 11,000 Holocausts, based on their lies. It makes as much sense to be civil to them as it would have to be civil to a Nazi death camp murderer shoving children into a furnace. They have a choice.

David Appell said...

Victor: I was the one who stuck my hand out to shake with Watts', but then I did make that snarky comment when I sat down. Call it even.