Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Today's Issue of Stuff Worth Reading

LA Times: Arch Coal abandons plans for controversial mine in Montana

earlier (2013): In Montana, ranchers line up against coal

CNN: The largest U.S. coal company may go out of business. Peabody Energy has 7,600 employees. Its share price has dropped 98% in the last two years. (IMO Obama needs to announce a jobs retraining program for such workers instead of simply leaving them out to dry. Hillary already has, $30B for coal.)

From the Department of We Will Pay For Climate Change One Way or the Other: Inside Climate News:  Native American Tribe Gets Federal Funds to Flee Rising Seas ($48M)
Since the 1950s, the tribe has lost 98 percent of its land to rising sea levels, coastal erosion and flooding. The island, about 50 miles south of New Orleans, once covered 15,000 acres, but the land has eroded to a tiny strip measuring a quarter-mile wide by a half-mile long, according to a report by Northern Arizona University....

The threat to the tribe has come not only from climate change but from other human activities such as oil and gas development that has caused a decline in sediment deposits from the Mississippi River.
Also from Inside Climate News: Flood Damage Costs Will Rise Faster Than Sea Levels, Study Says; Research begins to show that damage will increase exponentially and aims to give coastal cities a way to prepare for them. (We need a term, akin to the "Singularity," for the moment people realize climate change is at their doorstep and it's too late to fix it.)

WMUR: It's been the warmest winter in Concord, New Hampshire since at least 1870.

Yale Climate Connections: In North Carolina, 'Seeing the fish move north' -- An eastern North Carolina seafood marketer points to the challenges to local fishers as they see prized fish moving north 'right under our noses.'

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