Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A Batch of Interesting Papers

There are a bunch of especially interesting papers in tonight's table of contents from Geophysical Research Letters. I haven't read any of them yet, but am posting them because (1) some pertain to things being discussed back on this post, (2) you can read yourself if so motivated.

I'll post the paper's citation, a link to it, and the three-bullet summary of the paper from the table of contents:

"Predictability of the recent slowdown and subsequent recovery of large-scale surface warming using statistical methods," Michael E. Mann et al, GRL (8 April 2016).

"Emergence of heat extremes attributable to anthropogenic influences," Andrew D. King et al, GRL (2 April 2016).

"Nonlinearities in patterns of long-term ocean warming," Maria A. A. Rugenstein et al, GRL (4 April 2016).

"The impact of groundwater depletion on spatial variations in sea level change during the past century," Emeline Veit et al, GRL (2 April 2016).

"Ice mass loss in Greenland, the Gulf of Alaska, and the Canadian Archipelago: Seasonal cycles and decadal trends," Christopher Harig et al, GRL (5 April 2016).

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Layzej said...

I had always thought that groundwater depletion led to subsidence and greater local sea level rise. If I'm not misunderstanding the Veit abstract it also has the opposite effect: "The mass unloading associated with this depletion locally uplifts Earth's solid surface and depresses the geoid, leading to slower relative sea level rise near areas of significant groundwater loss."