Thursday, December 15, 2016

Jo Nova Update

About this: Jo Nova said she took the offending post down -- but she won't publish her words saying so, or my words complaining, thus leaving her readers to think no action was taken at all.


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Unknown said...

I noticed that. The account PhilJourdan also libeled me on Climate Etc.

Jo Nova is playing an interesting game with her blog. She will remove posts on her blog defaming individuals. But she routinely defames the Australian Bureau of Meteorology in her articles. As I understand Australian defamation law you can be sued for defaming an individual, but not for defaming companies or institutions. Defamation law in Australia is more like British law, the only real defense is truth. It is more complicated than that of course, but "freedom of speech" defenses are no where near as strong as they are in the US for example. Australian politicians have successfully sued journalists.

I would love to see a test case involving the Australian BOM for example. But I guess the BOM have better things to do with their time.