Wednesday, December 14, 2016

What You Get For Daring to Dissent at Jo Nova's Blog


@whut said...

The Aussie larrikins such as Nova and PhilJourdan are nasty enough that they will resort to any kind of smear. Like I said in a previous comment, larrikin culture is one of bullying and and opposing authority. That's how they get their kicks apparently.

David Appell said...

whut, I went and read about larrikans: "Larrikin is an Australian English term meaning "a mischievous young person, an uncultivated, rowdy but good hearted person", or "a person who acts with apparent disregard for social or political conventions"."

I can see that in the Australian stereotype held by many Americans. The only Australians I've known were in graduate school or academia, so I don't know if I've met any larrikans or not.

David Appell said...

@whut: Do you know if PhilJourdan is also Australian? Do you know of any way of getting in touch with him?

David in Cal said...

Careful – or he will start stalking you and threatening your children the way he did another blogger when he did not get his way.

1. Who is "he"? Not Jo Nova, obviously.
2. Is PhilJourdan a real name?
3. Whether "PhilJourdan" is a real name or not, is this commenter proved reliable?
4. Since PhilJourdan doesn't identify the alleged stalker or stalkee, how can his charge be verified?
5. What responsibility does Jo Nova have for the alleged, anonymous stalker?


David Appell said...

"He" is me.

I don't know who PhilJourdan is. He has no interest in defending this or providing evidence. He's a bald-faced rotten liar.

Jo Nove clearly doen't care either, since she has allowed this on he blog.

@whut said...

There are always giveaways regarding if someone is Australian. The most infamous climate trolls are Aussie. Do you remember any of these names -- Girma, Chief Hydrologist, StefenTheDenier, DougCott@n, BethTheSerf, Myrrh, Peter Lang, Akexander Biggs, Tim Curtin, David Archibald, Louis Hissink, Greg House, Peter Davies, Konrad, RiHo, John Reid, Mike Flynn, Angech, ROM, Ian Wilson, David Stockwell?

And those are only the Aussie trolls I picked up at Judith Curry's blog, because I can't stomach Joanna Nova and reading her spew. I think her crazy husband is American but the larrikin certainly rubbed off on him. And I am sure someone like Tim at the Deltoid blog can give an even longer rundown of the larrikin trolls that he gets considering that he has been fighting them for years on his own turf.

Ignore me if I go on but it is certainly an interesting cultural phenomenon. I don't know where I read it, but someone ascribed the attitude from living in an isolated part of the world.

Unknown said...

David in Cal.

Seriously? It is pretty clear who was being defamed in that comment.

Unknown said...

It does not take long to find out about the uneven moderation on the Jo Nova blog. I expect it, it is a Conspiracy Theory blog and they never tolerate anything that upsets their echo chamber.

The identity PhilJourdan also comments on Dr Judith Curry's blog. Considering "PhilJourdan" is a troll who is not interested in a honest discussion I ignore their comments unless it is in my interest to respond.

I analysed a number of Australian change deniers a while back before I got bored (I am not referring to the current bunch). It puzzled me why they were so fanatic. Some were obvious sock puppets. Others seemed to grow out of an anti Julia Gillard (ex Prime Minister) anti carbon tax group. In other words, their motivation was political.

@whut said...

Speaking of sock puppets, I have a feeling that the troll "mpainter" is the same as the troll "philjourdan". They always show up at the same time and both have the same particularly nasty attitude. They would not dare comment here, otherwise Dr.Appel would see that their IP addresses were the same.

David Appell said...

Interesting, whut.

mpainter was recently banned by Roy Spencer at his blog.

David Appell said...

Interesting to know, thanks guys.

I am going ahead with legal action against Jo Nova -- her actual last name might be difference -- and a Wordpress blogger names Suyts -- will blog about that shortly.

Anything you might be able to help with is appreciated -- Nova's actual last name, PhilJourdan's real name/location, etc. I think this is Nova's address:

Joanne Nova
LPO Box 1931
Western Australia 6944

and this is perhaps the company she registers under:

McClintock Street 4
2602 Canberra - Lyneham
Australian Capital Territory - Australia

David Appell said...

Nova'a real name is:

Joanne Codling;jsessionid=724FF893C0A5F9B275ACD679CAAA07A3?tab=0&t=1482027447833

Unknown said...

David Appell.

I saw that post from PhilJourdan on her blog, it was really offensive. She was certainly harping about it.

There is info about Jo Nova in the public domain, I have seen her on Australian TV once (or maybe twice).

All the best getting justice.

David Appell said...

Thanks Harry, I appreciate it.

Anything more you might come across, feel free to post a comment here, or email me directly at