Friday, January 20, 2017

Gas Prices Under Last Six US Administrations

"cur$" = current dollars (viz. as of Dec 2016).
"gal" = gallon = antiquated unit only used now by Liberia, Myanmar and one other country.
Data via TWIP and CPI.


David in Cal said...

I don't think Presidents have much impact on gas prices. Although gas prices dropped during Obama 2, Obama can hardly claim credit. He opposed Arctic drilling and the Keystone pipeline. He generally resisted offshore drilling. Thanks to new methods of oil extraction, gas prices dropped despite Mr. Obama's actions.

David Appell said...

David, I mostly agree, but the media often mentions presidents & gas prices together when they are high, like after Katrina, or that the president should "open the spigots" of the US strategic oil reserves.

The runup of gas prices in Bush II's second term, though, looks to me like more of a desired, planned outcome.