Friday, January 13, 2017

Wacky Global Sea Ice

Here is the latest global sea ice extent, from the Arctic Sea Ice Blog:

Yes, Arctic SIE has been acting strangely, but Antarctic SIE has fallen very far:

I've read, on Twitter I think, someone speculate that changes in Arctic SIE looks like a signal, but the changes in Antarctic SIE looks like noise.

Or maybe this is what a tipping point looks like. (But someone told me several months ago that he thought the Arctic had already passed a tipping point.)

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Layzej said...

Here's a radial graph of Antarctic, Arctic, and total sea ice, which I think is a good way to view this:

Regarding the drop in Antarctic SIE being noise rather than signal, JoeT had an interesting point in an earlier thread that "decrease in Antarctic sea ice extent was pretty much expected by Meehl and co-workers due to the change in sign of the IPO."

Time will tell I suppose.