Tuesday, May 05, 2020

Key West Sea Level Rise: 3.8 years/inch

In Key West, Florida, sea level has been rising an inch every 3.8 years over the last twenty years, on average.

Data through March 2020.

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Ned said...

Interesting. Looks like in the late 90s and 00s it was rising slower than the global average, but in the 2010s it accelerated and is now twice the global rate. At risk of overinterpreting short-term noise, this acceleration would make sense given the slowdown in AMOC. The meridional flux is reduced and SLR is accelerating in the Gulf.

Tamino had a nice analysis of East Coast SLR in early 2019. Part 6 is here. I've tried to align Tamino's figure for the rate of SLR on the East Coast (in red) with the Key West series (in blue). Not sure what it means. They seem to have been almost opposite-phased in the past, but are now converging?