Tuesday, May 19, 2020

More Metrics of COVID-19 in Wisconsin

Here are some more graphs of the coronavirus situation in Wisconsin. Things don't look as dire as I might have thought, at least not yet. If I lived there, though, I wouldn't leave the house except for essential things like groceries, dry cat food, wet cat food, and cat litter. You definitely don't want to run out of cat litter.

The sudden increase at the start here is apparently when data on hospitalized began to be recorded, not a sudden jump in the first hospitalized:


Bal√°zs said...

Idiots have been coming up with stuff like this for weeks already:

"Computer modelling for Covid-19 was FATALLY flawed. What if I told you that climate change models are EVEN WORSE?"


Layzej said...

Wisconsin is not seeing a return to exponential growth.