Friday, October 22, 2021

Can't Spell "Manchin" Without a Dollar Sign

Why is Joe Manchin opposed to President Biden's climate plans? Guess. Just go ahead and gue$$. 
Of course Manchin also makes a lot of money off his own coal interests. From The Intercept last month:
For decades, Manchin has profited from a series of coal companies that he founded during the 1980s. His son, Joe Manchin IV, has since assumed leadership roles in the firms, and the senator says his ownership is held in a blind trust. Yet between the time he joined the Senate and today, Manchin has personally grossed more than $4.5 million from those firms, according to financial disclosures. He also holds stock options in Enersystems Inc., the larger of the two firms, valued between $1 and $5 million.
Yet, as chairman of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, Manchin gets to determine Biden's legislation on on climate change. It really is a sick cosmic joke.

PS: This likely interests no one else but me, but I've discovered that Tweets do embed properly if I use the Chrome browser, but not if I use Edge. Google makes Blogger, and Google makes Chrome. Microsoft makes Edge.

They also read properly there too. They don't read properly in Edge. The pictures are much clearer in Chrome as well. I wonder if this is a feature and not a bug.   

I switched to Edge about six months ago because of my Tab Explosion problem -- I usually have about 200 tabs open at any one time, waiting to be read, and because in Chrome each one occupies memory that eventually brings my computer to a near standstill. Edge puts tabs to sleep somehow until you come back to them (I've never noticed a delay when they "wake up"). Of course I could reduce my tab count -- I often don't read most of those 200 tabs anyway, despite my intentions -- but that's a different issue.

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pete said...

Manchin is from an extremely conservative state. Trump won that state by a huge margin. We are actually lucky that he’s a democrat. Yes, he is to the right of all other democrats but that is in line with his constituents. I do grant that his coal interests make his intentions ambiguous but I guess that his positions on climate are not very different from the people he represents.

The real problem here is that the senate is not a democratic institution. wyoming gets the same number of senators as New York. That is a gross failure of democracy, especially when combined with the filibuster. Realistically, the republicans can kill democrat bills for eternity. And the house is also going in that direction as republican state governments gerrymander.