Monday, October 04, 2021

It Doesn't Matter if You Believe In Climate Change....

WaPo story here.


Bal√°zs said...

I think the public has started to notice climate change. It's perceptible now for everyone, including the insurance business. The supreme irony is that the DenierSphere has kinda "won" the battle, I have seen a great deal of apathy among scientists, they have stopped debating in recent years. The deniers were lucky 'cos ordinary people didn't give a damn. Now they give. I reckon in a few years time an ordinary denier will meet extreme contempt when he/she comes up with the usual denier bs. Same fate as holocaust deniers. I hope.

David Appell said...

I hope so too. I agree it's now perceptible for everyone.

The other day I read an interesting article from Jacobin, a socialist magazine:

Lifestyle Environmentalism Will Never Win Over Workers
And those are exactly the people we need to save the planet.
Jacobin 8/2/21

It expressed disappointed that the labor class, far from expressing concern about climate change, was instead all-in on consumerism. The author thought perhaps trade unions in the electricity industry might step up on climate change, since they have a front row seat, but all in all it wasn't a very optimistic article.