Thursday, February 14, 2008


I think the NY Times hit the nail exactly on the head here:

The reason is that until quite recently the Bush administration never really cared about climate change. And it never seemed to care about FutureGen except as an excuse not to do anything truly meaningful about climate change....
The same goes for the hydrogen car -- remember that? They gave the auto insurance something like $1B. Now, it's barely a memory.

Actually, I think the GW Bush presidency has been very the way it was intended. I can't really prove any of this, but I think Bush was put into office by corporations and the superrich and superpowerful and he has done their bidding, almost all of it, being a good little establishment boy.... He gave them hundreds of billions of dollars in tax cuts, he gave them even more corporate subsidies and immunities, he gave them the vast wealth to be found in a war, and he gave them the huge Iraq oil fields.

Bush/Cheney clearly do not give one iota for the common person in this country. Why do we even pretend? Not for their health insurance, or their financial well-being (except to the extent it allows him to remain in office to serve the rich). Has Bush ever once visited a ghetto, a run-down area of some city, expressed any concern whatsoever for the people who live there, any concern for the 1/6th of this fucking country who live without health insurance, ever seemed concern about anything but accumulating more governmental power?

I try not to be a cynic, but it is becoming harder every day.

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