Friday, February 01, 2008

Oregon legalizes same-sex partnerships

Domestic partnerships for same-sex couples are now the law in Oregon, as of late this afternoon, making Oregon the tenth state in the U.S. to do so. It's not full marriage rights, but it's a very positive step forward, and after a few or ten years of this, when people see it makes no difference whatsoever to society-at-large (witness Massachusetts), I expect there will be a relatively easy push for same-sex marriage.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, great...of course, it won't be long until it's legal to marry same-sex above the age of 16, which some believe to be the "age of consent" now. Or, let's go out on a limb, and say it would be advisable to marry someone who's MUCH younger, like, say, 10 or 11. I mean, heck, as long as they "love" each other, right????? I mean, after all...since we ARE taking "steps in the *right* direction", it shouldn't matter WHAT people do when it's their own business, right?

The family is what has held this country together, and the fragmentation of it by these twisted ideas someone made up in grade school is TEARING IT APART!!!!!! It's time for real families to stand up.