Thursday, February 21, 2008

George Taylor Retiring

A prominent global warming skeptic, George Taylor, who was stripped of his title of Oregon State Climatologist last year by the governor, has announced he will retire on May 1. He had a degree in meteorology, not climatology, but was a prominent spokesman here in the Pacific Northwest against anthropogenic global warming.

Taylor characterizes his view as:
I don't deny that human activities affect climate change. But I believe up to now, natural variations have played a more important role than human activities.
You can be sure the governor, Ted Kulongowski, will try to resurrect the office and that he will name someone on the IPCC side of global warming.


JustaDog said...

If liberals like Governor Ted Kulongowski had their way all professionals that spoke against the global warming (scam) would not be working for government.

Liberals need the GW scam as a basis to add taxes and more government control on the people of the world.

BTW - Where does Al Gore hibernate in the winter? And why doesn't ABC do another "Do you believe in global warming" surveys in the frigid cold winters like we've been having?

Dano said...

Liberals need the GW scam as a basis to add taxes and more government control on the people of the world.

I see the purveyors of such tripe as the intellectual equivalent of the buggy whip.

The world has passed you by, lad. Buh-bye.



John Mashey said...

1) Please help educate a neighbor to the South. In CA, the Department of Water Resources has both a State Climatologist and a State Meteorologist, and the former actually worries about climate:

I've been learning that not every state does this...

I tried to find the equivalent in OR, which seemed to be the Oregon Climate Service, OCS, housed at OSU:

I find that Taylor is *still* listed as Oregon State Climatologist.

The site seems to be much more about weather than climate. Is that the way it's supposed to be, or a reflection of Taylor's priorities?

2) Can you say any more about OCS? Who pays for it? Is the Climatologist title just for whoever happens to be running it? Why is Taylor still listed with the title? Does the Governor know the difference between weather & climate? Will somebody make sure he does?