Thursday, February 14, 2008

Northern Illinois University

How many times have we seen this picture now? At Columbine. At Virginia Tech. At Jonesboro. At this point it's almost porn, printed just to titillate us. How many times do we have to see it yet again?


Anonymous said...

We obviously need more gun laws. Because laws TOTALLY stop criminals from comitting crimes. You know... just like the gun-free zones at Virginia Tech and Northern Illinois...

Anonymous said...

A a law enforcement officer who does crime analysis for a big city, it is my considered opinion that:

1. the most important "cause" of this type of crime is, unfortunately, the reports of previous occurrences;

2. the only rational possible reaction (i.e., that which could be supported by a rational evaluation of data and observations)is to have armed students/faculty in the classes who have passed some type of screening (e.g., concealed carry licenses, at a minimum, deputized faculty serving as armed reserve campus police officers, at the other extreme).

There is nothing that can be done about #1, because we are (supposedly) a free society. The predictable emotional {i.e. non-thinking) response to #2 is "oh, do we have to become an armed camp(us?)}: you decide - is the killing to continue or not?

If you think gun bans or additional gun laws would work, there is no evidence of that. For example, see the results of recent (this decade) CDC and NAS reports on the effectiveness of gun control.

As a a street cop, I am not interested in assuaging peoples "feelings", I am interested in maintaining civil order.