Friday, February 22, 2008

McCain's Lobbyists

Let's face the truth head-on: the corruption of money and corporate influence in the American political system is so deeply entrenched, so tightly wound around the roots of our "democracy," that neither John McCain or Barack Obaba can begin to slay it. McCain is up to his eyeballs in lobbyists and any pretensions otherwise just make him and us both look foolish. Does he really think that all of these lobbyists on his campaign staff are just there on a lark, absolutely pure intentions, no concern at all about the clients they have represented and will soon represent again. If so he is the stupidiest person on Earth -- except perhaps for the American public, who just might believe this kind of shit.

Nor is Obama much better. His campaign is swimming in corporate donations. He says pretty words about change, but there is no substance to them and of course lobbyists and money are going to rule Congress and the political parties over the next 4 years. Does he think we're moving to Mars and starting over?

Unfortunately most Americans are too stupid to notice or too selfish to care, and our corrupt system that favors corporations and those with money will continue to get worse and worse. There is absolutely no doubt of this, no matter what either of the Presidential candidates say.

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